Exciting new selection of unique teas at the Pekoe Cafe

We are excited to bring you a brand new selection of flavoursome and unique teas now available here at Northern Tea Merchants to add to the wide selection already available.

The new teas are all very different and come from different areas across the world. Therefore we are sure that there will be a new tea for everyone and a tea to suit your personal preference!


Listed below are a few of the new teas available:

Baolam Dalat Top Fancy Oolong

This tea is on a par with any of the fine fancy oolong teas from China or Taiwan. The tightness of the leaf roll and the beautiful colour of the pellets imply the great care that has obviously been taken in this teas plucking and manufacture.


Ceylon Green Jasmine Tea

I first tried this Ceylon Green Jasmine I had mainly only drunk Chinese or Malaysian Jasmine Tea, so when my friend Lal Alawattegama sent me this sample from his brother’s tea factory, I was most interested to try it. I am so glad that I did, this is one of the best Jasmines that I have ever, ever tasted.


Lumbini Estate Black ‘Jayachakra’ and Lumbini Estate Green ‘Jayachakra’

Lumbini Jayachakra is a Gold award winning tea of the Specialty Tea Competition held in Japan 2010, which acknowledged the product as the best invention at the awards. The whole tea leaves and bud of the tea leave is used to form the tea which resembles the shape of a ring; Jayachakra, and is available as both black and green tea.


Korean Chunbo Myung Black Tea and Korean Chunbo Myung Green Tea

Again Mr Pyung-Sik Moon produced by-hand another amazing tea, worthy of critical acclaim. The Green Tea’s which Mr Moon produces are of the finest quality and are amongst the best green tea’s I have ever tasted and this Korean Chunbo Myung Green Tea is no exception.

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